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Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment

Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment

Advantage is scientifically proven to prevent and treat fleas on your pets, and kill larvae in the home, wherever the treated pet goes.

What is Advantage?

Don’t wait for your pets to itch or scratch. Advantage is a scientifically proven flea treatment that will help prevent your pet, and your home becoming infested with fleas.

If your pet is already infested, the fleas you see on the animal are only the tip of the iceberg. To bring an existing flea problem under control, you must deal with the flea larvae that are lurking all around the house, in carpets, floorings, upholstery and bedding – wherever your pet normally goes.

So wouldn’t it make sense if the pet that spreads the problem could also help you clear it up?

Advantage works both on the pet and in the home. While adult fleas are killed on the pet, larval stages in the pet’s surroundings are killed following contact with the treated animal.

To bring a household infestation under control, suitable measures may also need to be taken.  In some cases, it can take up to 12 weeks to rid your pet and home of fleas!

  • Treating your pets with a flea treatment is not always enough
  • Continuous use of flea treatments is needed
  • Treat your house, car etc. with flea spray every 10 days or so
  • Wash your bedding & theirs 
  • Vacuum daily

Available in the Bayer Advantage Spot On range

  • Advantage 40 (Small Dogs, Cats & Rabbits. Kittens & puppies over 8 weeks old. Rabbits over 10 weeks old.
  • Advantage 80 ([Large Cat & Rabbit). Kittens over 8 weeks old. Rabbits over 10 weeks old.
  • Advantage 100 (dogs weighing 4kg - 10kg)
  • Advantage 250 (dogs weighing 10kg - 25kg)
  • Advantage 400 (dogs weighing 25kg and over)

Fleas are killed within one day following treatment. The treatment should be repeated after 4 weeks.  Please note it is very important not to allow your pets to get wet 24 hours after Advantage Spot On treatment.

We would highly recommend using a household flea spray to compliment the use of any flea product as 95% of all flea infestations are in the pet's environment.  Regular use of Advantage Spot On will prevent re-infestation.

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