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National Nest Box Week

Bird Nest Boxes in your Garden

National Next Box Week is launched on Valentine’s Day - 14 February - every year by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). The aim of bird box week is to encourage as many people as possible to put up nest boxes to help protect garden birds. Since the first such event in 1997, many people have taken part and it is estimated that nearly 6 million bird boxes have been put up in gardens across the UK.

Why put up a bird box?

Sadly, many of the natural nesting places for our favourite garden birds are disappearing every year as old houses are renovated and woods and hedges are trimmed and cleared. By putting up a nest box in your garden, you can not only help the valuable conservation work of the BTO but also get pleasure from seeing wild birds set up home.

If you put up a bird box now you stand a good chance of having a nesting pair of song birds in your garden by spring, such as robins, blue tits, sparrows, coal tits, blackbirds, and wrens.

As long as you approach quietly and carefully, it should not disturb the nesting birds if you look into the bird box now and again to check on the progress of the brood. It really can be an exciting time feeling that you are helping wildlife, and whether you are a keen gardener, bird lover, or a family with school age children, you are sure to find the whole experience of bird conservation interesting and educational.

Spare a thought for your local wildlife, as the days grow colder and available food for our garden visitors becomes more scarce.

Pop into Scampers to see our variety seeds, high energy feeds and treats and our new range of bird boxes, get ready for National Nest Box Week – 14th – 21st February.

Information supplied by the BTO.

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