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Feliway Friends

Feliway Friends Cats have evolved as solitary hunters meaning they may perceive the presence of other cats as a potential threat to their resources. Aggression between cats at home is a common problem for cat owners and the signs can be obvious (fighting, hissing, growling and more).

Feliway Friends is clinically proven to Reduce tension and conflict between your cats.

Aggression Between Cats
Sharing just sometimes isn’t an option for cats. Cats have evolved as solitary hunters meaning they may perceive the presence of other cats as a potential threat to their resources.

Aggression between cats at home is therefore a common problem for cat owners. It can often be seen in cats newly introduced to each other but also between cats that have previously been friendly until an event has resulted in a problem in their relationship.

If there is tension between members of a multiple cat household, often occurring when the resources available within their territory is perceived as scarce, cats will adopt one of a number of strategies to survive.

They will either learn to avoid each other, using visual and olfactory forms of communication geared towards increasing distance between each other, adapt to the situation by suppressing natural behaviour to avoid conflict or repeatedly encounter each other which results in active aggression.

In cases where the individual is unable to adapt it may become chronically distressed, leading to behaviour that is a problem for the owner, such as urine spraying or other types of house soiling, or even develop stress-related disease such as idiopathic cystitis.

Happy Together
Feliway Friends is a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone (CAP) naturally produced by a nursing mother to her kittens after birth. This pheromone helps the kittens feel safe and secure and promotes a bond between them and their mother.

Feliway Friends is clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflicts between cats in multi-cat households.  Simply plug the 30-day diffuser where your cat spends most of its' time and see the difference for yourself!

Did you know....
  • 84% of cat owners saw their cats were significantly getting along better after using Feliway Friends.
  • Only product clinically proven to help with conflicts between household cats
  • 3 recent publications support the efficacy of Feliway Friends and 2 recent publications on the efficacy of CAP (cat appeasing pheromone)
  • Feliway Friends is supported worldwide by leading certified veterinary behaviourists

Pop into Scampers and see our range of Feliway products, wishing you a happy feline at home soon.

Scampers Natural Pet Store is located on the A142 Soham By Pass, between Ely and Newmarket and only 15 miles from Cambridge.

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