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Where's the Meat? - Let's Talk About Dog Food.

Where's the Meat? - Let's Talk About Dog Food. The British pet food market is worth more than two and a half billion pounds a year.

It’s big business, dominated by very large companies all telling us their pet food is the best for your dogs and cats. But what’s the real truth about your pet’s food?

Our Experience & Knowledge
Scampers have been helping pet owners since 1985 and are recognized as the benchmark for the best specialist pet care you can give your animals. During our careers we have worked with all the largest pet food companies at some time or another. Our pet industry peers consider us one of the most experienced and influential retailers in the UK.

Over the last 25 years we have also lived with and loved three Rottweilers, a German Shepherd, a Japanese Akita, a Springer Spaniel, a St Bernard, a Basset Hound ,four Crossbreeds, five cats and our two current beautiful dogs, Fish the French Bulldog and Norman the Beauceron.

With a background and experience like ours we’re confident we know what we’re talking about. You can see more on our history in our About us page.

Where’s the meat?
A few years ago we noticed that many of the big name pet food manufacturers were changing the ingredients in their food. When we looked further into what these manufacturers were doing, we didn’t like what we saw. By reducing the meat content and quality of their products we believe these companies were no longer putting your pets’ best interest at the heart of their business. We think that profits have become more important to many pet food producers rather than pets..

We also began noticing the effects on our own dogs through the condition of their skin and coats and their general lack of wellbeing. So, we changed the way we feed them to a Biologically Appropriate Real Food Diet and they have never looked better.

Our research into what the big companies were doing and the amazing change in our dogs’ health and vitality inspired our ‘Where’s the meat?’ campaign. It’s been a huge success, highlighting the lower quality ingredients of many of the leading manufacturer’s products. The campaign also signals a complete change of direction for Scampers – a move towards feeding more as nature intended and the massive benefits that brings to your pets.

Looking at ingredients
At Scampers every single pet food and treat now has its ingredients clearly displayed on-shelf, so that you know exactly what is in the foods you are buying. As a pet food specialist part of our role is to help you understand the products you are feeding your pets. It's about making it simple for you to make an educated and informed choice about your pet’s food.

Confusing packaging
It is incredibly difficult to work out from the leading pet food manufacturer’s packaging how much meat is in the food. Even when you do find the information, usually on an obscure part of the pack, it is often in small print and hard to see a version in plain English.

As with human food, manufacturers have to stick to ‘minimum percentage’ guidelines on their labelling. So, if the packaging says ‘Chicken & Rice’, the named meat content is 26%. But, if it says ‘Rich in’ chicken the minimum is just 14% and ‘flavoured with’ or simply ‘with’ will contain a bare 4% minimum.

Just to repeat... FOUR percent.

That’s 0.04 as a decimal – an unforgivably small amount of meat to feed animals that are carnivores such as cats and dogs.

Another misleading word is ‘derivatives’. What does this really mean? We understand derivatives as something ‘left over’ from another food manufacturing process. What Scampers are doing in our ‘Where’s the meat?’ campaign is explaining what all these ingredients are, what they do and, ultimately, whether they are good for your pet.

Real pet food
We now have the widest range of natural, high meat content, grain-free, organic, Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Foods (BARF) in the country, and our business is growing as a result. Being prepared to change our minds and business to embrace a new way of thinking in the interests of pet welfare has also galvanised us as a team.  And seeing the results for your pets, our customers, has been especially rewarding. 

Specialist pet food manufacturers
We support smaller producers because we know the commitment and values they put into their products matches the passion and energy we put into our business. We see all this as a natural evolution. Natural, because we know it’s best for your pet. Evolution, because we believe you’re never too old to learn and change.

Some of the smaller companies we work with that are championing natural, high meat content foods are:
Acana, Canagan, Country Hunter, Gentle, Lily’s Kitchen, Markus Muhle, Meat Love, Natures Menu, NutrimentOrijen, Piccolo, SmartBarfSymply, Taste of the Wild  and Ziwi Peak

All our Pet Care Advisors have extensive training on these natural pet food ranges and can help you choose the right diet for all your dogs and cats.

Here's the meat! At Scampers.

Scampers Independent Pet Care Specialists Since 1985. Find us on the A142 Soham bypass between Ely and Newmarket. Near Cambridge.

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