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Welcome to Scampers. Three times voted best pet shop in the UK.

The UK’s most innovative Pet Store

A natural history
Scampers have been helping pet owners since 1985.   My personal involvement in the industry goes back to 1980 when I was 16 and first went to work in a pet shop.  Five years later I was representing some of the leading pet food manufacturers, visiting pet stores across the UK and decided to set up my own business.  I saw what worked well and what didn’t and knew from the beginning that Scampers was going to be different.  We won’t sell animals, choke chains, birdcages or anything else not in the best interests of your pets.

Since then we’ve continued to innovate and are recognised as the benchmark for the best specialist pet care you can give your pets. Other pet retailers and journalists come from across the country to see what we’re doing, learning from our experience and our absolute passion for pets.

Natural evolution
For my partner Michelle and I, our dogs are like our children. Their health and wellbeing are paramount. During our career in pet food we have lived with and loved three Rottweilers, a German Shepherd, a Japanese Akita, a Springer Spaniel, a St Bernard, a Basset Hound ,four Crossbreeds, five cats and our two current beautiful dogs, Fish the French Bulldog and Norman the Beauceron.  That’s a lot of dog.  And a lot of dog food.

A few years ago we noticed that many of the big name pet food manufacturers were changing the ingredients in their food, reducing the meat content and cheapening their products.  We also began noticing the effects on our own dogs through the condition of their skin and coats and their general lack of wellbeing.  When we looked further into what these manufacturers were doing, we didn’t like what we saw.

This research has led directly to our Where’s the meat? Campaign.  These days we all want to know what’s in our food. We believe it’s important to show what’s in your pets’ food too.  It’s been a huge success and is part of a complete change of direction for our company – a move towards feeding more as nature intended and the benefits that brings.

The results have been astonishing
We now have the widest range of natural, high meat content, Biologically Appropriate Real/Raw Foods in the country, and our business is growing as a result.  Being prepared to change our minds and business to embrace a new way of thinking in the interests of pet welfare has also galvanised us as a team.  And seeing the results for your pets, our customers, has been especially rewarding.  We’ve had the courage to challenge the big manufacturers and move into new areas.  Supermarkets and Pet Superstore chains can’t do this. They don’t have the knowledge or expertise and they can’t sell the range of foods we are championing.

We support smaller producers because we know the commitment and values they put into their products matches the passion and energy we put into our business. We see all this as a natural evolution. Natural, because we know it’s best for your pet. Evolution, because we believe you’re never too old to learn and change.

Natural expertise
We love what we do and we’re proud of all of our team – their knowledge and energy are the lifeblood of the business. Our Pet Care Advisors all complete a rigorous training programme before being let loose on the shop floor.  Some have been with us for over twelve years and most for over five. It’s their dedication and unrivalled expertise in pet behaviour, lifestyle, nutrition and healthcare this means you get the best possible service and advice you could receive from any pet shop in the UK.

As owners of our business, we are also extremely involved on the shop floor, helping you with your pets and giving advice. We believe Scampers is a one off. Unique. You simply cannot find the level of expertise and passion or range of products anywhere else.

We do what we do because we see the benefit it brings. And that’s why we’re proud to be the best pet shop in the UK.


Come and see us at Scampers. You and your pets are always welcome.

Scampers, Your Pet’s Natural Choice. 

Find us on the A142 Soham Bypass, between Ely and Newmarket. Near Cambridge.

Proudly Supporting the Liam Fairhurst Foundation

Your Natural Pet's Choice
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